The Two Most Important Days of Your Life

When I embarked upon this adventure of journaling, I sent a prayer to God asking for love and guidance.

“Dear God and Divine Mother,

You know my heart of hearts and why I came on this Earth – you were right there with me. You know me better than myself. I am your child. Guide me as I leap off the cliff – and fly! What I want so deeply to know is that I will soar through the skies of life – in these days. What I have to share is helpful, meaningful, contributes to my highest good, and to everyone around me. I recently read one of Mark Twain’s quotes: ‘The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.’ I have a deep core feeling why I was born and I’m beginning to put legs to it by writing. The wings will eventually form. I want to know that you will be there with me and keep me in the air… getting a bird’s eye view from above and seeing my path very clearly.

Love, your child, Melanie”

And as I listened within, I journaled what God and Divine Mother wrote back.

“Oh honey pie – no worries. We got your back. You just keep on going, writing, expressing yourself, have fun, open up, let it out. We are here lifting you up. Remember when you and all the family had the trampoline in the back yard, and you jumped really high, and you felt you almost touched the sky? The freedom, fun, the excitement, the fright, and knowing you could do flips, tumbles, and still land safely on the trampoline – that’s it. Write, share, and show up! You are loved and supported unconditionally. We are here for you always. Close your eyes, feel your heart – we are here with you in your heart — a portable paradise — friends forever.

– God and Divine Mother

P.S. When you doubt and have fear, remember to breathe deeply and keep going – really, you’re much closer to accomplishing your dreams than you know.”

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