Dads are More Than DNA

Sixteen years is way too young to lose your father to a stroke. I was blessed to have had my father, Andrew Lococo, during those early years. I miss eating popcorn on his lap and watching TV, horseback riding at summer camp and seeing him and Mom tap dance and sing “Me and my shadow” together. He truly cared and loved me … even if I wasn’t his biological daughter. He taught me, “family is who you love and who loves you.”

My Dad was more than DNA!

  • D-dynamic: a successful  restauranteur, philanthropist, bocce ball player, awesome cipino chef and a great friend to many.
  • N-nurturing: in his own Italian way. He made sure I had what I needed – the best Catholic schools, summer camp adventures, love and security.
  • A-advocate! My Dad “had my back”.  His priority was giving me a great education and opportunities to learn and travel abroad, to embrace new experiences and meet people from different cultures because he knew that would help me grow as an adult.

Truly, my knight, who every day shines brightly in  my heart … and a part of my DNA!

– Melanie Lococo






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