Why start a blog the day before Thanksgiving?

Most people are preparing their Thanksgiving feast – basting turkey, seasoning stuffing, creating cranberry sauce, and making all the goodies  – to be relished with family and friends.

I am starting this journey of blogging to celebrate my life as a child of God, and as an adoptee, who has had many transformative events in her life that happened during the month of November.

I was born on November 8th.

In my youth, every Thanksgiving, our family hosted a huge, elaborate, gorgeous, fun-filled, and food-filled dinner at our own popular Italian restaurant. My relatives came from far and near to be together. I remember lots of hugs and kisses and warm affection from my cousins, aunts, uncles, and large extended family. I loved dancing on my father’s shoes; he would hold my hands and lift me up. One of my first memories was being embraced, while being saturated with the smell of garlic. I equate the aroma of garlic with love.

It was glorious to be together. The next day was special, too; all the children boarded a bus to Disneyland to enjoy the Magic Kingdom. My life was filled with magic.

It ended abruptly. During Thanksgiving weekend, when I had just turned 16, my beloved father passed away from a stroke. We never had a family gathering like that ever again.

This blog is dedicated to my father, Andrew Lococo. He is my knight-in-shining-armor, my protector, my advocate, and my hero.


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